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Federal Investments Program Overview

The Federal Investments Program:

  • Provides investment services to federal government entities that have funds on deposit with the U.S. Treasury and have legislative authority to invest those funds.
  • Represents more than one-third of the public debt outstanding, providing services to about 250 Trust, Deposit and Special Funds.

Investments of the Funds are generally restricted to special non-marketable par value or market based book entry securities.

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Our Mission is:

  • To account for and report on the Federal Investment Program, and to document and ensure compliance with statutory authorities and other Treasury policies related to the Government Account Series (GAS) securities.
  • To manage certain Federal Government Trust Funds on behalf of the Secretary of the Treasury who is designated by law or by express agreement as the managing trustee.
  • To formulate accounting policies and standards for the management of the Federal Investment Program and the Government Trust Funds.